Compromiso de CALIDAD

    Quality Control is a management tool which allows us to improve the planning and implementation of procedures, guaranteeing that our products are manufactured in accordance with the regulations and legal standards of our industry. Our quality control is focused on the ethical value of transparency, promoted among our personnel through the appropriate management of human resources. Being accountable to our clients, we ensure their satisfaction and intend to keep their expectations high. In order to comply with these regulations, the development and implementation of formal quality management and food safety systems is essential. These systems allow us to ensure that the products that we manufacture are compliant with current regulations, as well as the expectations and needs of our clients.
    Our Quality Management team works diligently throughout the production process to ensure that only products which are in line with the demands and expectations of consumers are produced. Our management system encourages and is based on the systematic and continuous improvement of all of our processes. We are aware of the need to carefully plan each step we take in order to fulfil all terms and conditions agreed with our clients, and we ensure that the qualities of the product are always consistent with the requirements originally agreed with our clients. We repeat this improvement cycle as many times as necessary to ensure that our products consistently fulfil the expectations of the consumer. Protection of the environment also takes an important place within the objectives of the company. To guarantee compliance with this objective, we systematically develop environmental guidelines and targets to protect the natural habitats in which we operate. The quality of our products has earned us the external recognition of internationally accredited companies.

No ruedaflechas

    The exhaustive monitoring and management from reception until the product leaves or facilities is recorded in our computer system. It is possible at all times to find the history, location and course of any of our products or product batches throughout the supply chain.