Virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the natural juice extracted directly from olives, meaning that it retains all of the healthy ant nutritional attributes of this exceptional natural product. This oil is known for the wide variety of benefits that it provides our bodies, as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and heart and liver conditions, among others.

Benefits of olive oil

BENEFITS Nutritional and Culinary

It provides foods with an unparalleled flavour, and additionally has a high vitamin E content, essential for the human body. Thanks to extra virgin olive oil being obtained only through physical procedures, consumption of this oil while uncooked is much healthier than with other oils.

BENEFITS Therapeutic

It provides oleic and linoleic fatty acids, essential for human life. Oleic acids are very beneficial for regulating cholesterol, increasing HDL or good cholesterol, and providing protection, helping to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of arterial thrombosis and heart attacks. Furthermore, the oil is good for:

  • The Digestive System: It improves the function of the stomach and pancreas, the hepatobiliary level and the intestinal level.
  • The Circulatory System: It helps to prevent arteriosclerosis and its consequences.
  • The Endocrine System: It improves metabolic functions
  • Skeletal System: It stimulates growth and helps the absorption of calcium and mineralisation
  • Skin: Protective and energising effect for the epidermis.
  • Picual

    Typical of Jaén, has some particular characteristics that make an oil with smell and fruity flavor, grass green, bitter...

  • Lechín

  • Arbequina

    Olives of early ripening, symmetrical and spherical shape. The oil is aromatic, sweet and mild-tasting

  • Empeltre

    Elongated, asymmetric and slightly pumped on the back, its oil is delicate and sweet, very pleasant to the mouth without bitterness or itching.

  • Cornicabra

    Characteristic of Toledo, gives the oil a taste of ripe fruits, fresh, although slightly bitter.

  • Gordal

    Better for table olives than oil production due to its low yield. Grown mainly in Seville and Granada.