Central Office and Packing Plant

In 2009 our new facilities were opened in the Escúzar Metropolitan, Industrial and Technological Park (Granada), with the most modern technology in existence in the market for selecting, milling and transforming the olive into oil, storing and packaging it, with a milling capacity of over 50,000 tonnes per year.

The technical characteristics of the new facilities make us the industrial leader of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector

Maeva Industrie FRANÇAISE

Oficina Comercial y envasadora

Subsidiary created in the neighbouring country in the year 2000, with highly qualified personnel dedicated to industrial customer service. This is a commercial office specialised in bulk products.

Spraylab MEXICO

Commercial Office and Packing Plant

To respond to demand in the USA, in 2006 we opened our overseas packing plant in Monterrey (Mexico), employing over X workers directly and X indirectly.

Maeva USA

Commercial Office

To respond to the needs of the American market, we started activity in 2007 with a subsidiary located in Philadelphia, with specialised personnel to attend to the specific demands of this significant market.


Commercial Office

Expanding our borders even further and covering demand in Asia, in 2010 we opened the first office on Chinese soil, in Beijing. This office has local personnel, paving the way in this growing market, where in 20XX we established ourselves as the main food exporter company at a national level with X litres.


Commercial Office

2019 we opened our second office in Asia to boost our growth in the 5th largest consumer country of olive oil in the world