Since 1930

1930 Factory of Porcuna

Start of the activity

Born in Porcuna, Jaén, a small oil mill, managed by D. Luis Torres Torres, grandfather of the current manager of Aceites Maeva. It is an industrial oil mill that produces olive oil ' Santo Rostro' and that meets the requirements of its surroundings. His success is such that he decides to start a new stage outside Andalusia.

1974 Madrid Office

Commercial concern to make known a product of our land

This is what leads Juan Francisco Torres Morente, son of the founder, to open a small oil office with the traditional crank system in the center of Madrid. Located in Calle del Sombrerete, in the neighborhood of Lavapies; we find 'Aceites Santo Rostro Puro de Oliva de Cosechero a Consumidor'. This place was the protagonist of long queues in search of its precious olive oil, also motivated by the new law of the Council of Ministers that authorized the free price of oil.

1979 Relocation to Granada


This year is a before and after in the history of the company that, motivated by the great acceptance of its oil, returns to Andalusia managed by Juan Francisco Torres Morente. He inaugurated in Albolote (Granada) a plant that incorporates the processes of packaging and oil mill under the name, for the first time, of Torres-Morente.

1990 Third Generation

Incorporation of the Third Generation

At this stage the grandchildren of the founder and sons of D.Juan, Amalia and Luis Torres-Morente Concha enter the scene, contributing human capital to this great family project. It will be Mr. Luis Torres-Morente Concha who becomes the current manager of the company and who opens the way abroad.

2000 international expansion


Aceites Maeva is committed to expansion and internationalization, becoming a world reference as an exporting and distributing company. This leads to meet rigorous quality requirements, and to adapt to very different markets, always giving a very distinct personality to each oil.

2002 Revolutionary Formats


New containers are emerging, such as the revolutionary spray format 'Bag on valve' system, which respects the characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as it is pressurized without gas or Cfcs. The careful design, the quality of the product and the materials used have allowed year after year this product acquired prominence and increased the variety; finding us today with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological, with flavor Babrbacoa, Garlic, Curry, Wasabi etc; in addition to the original Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

2006 First botting plant in Mexico


We opened the first packaging plant outside of Spain, in Mexico, where we pack in diferent formats such as Glass, Pet and Spray.

2008 New and modern facilities

Investment and new facilities.

2017 New Factory in Mexico


We moved to expand our facilities to strategic area in northen Mexico, in Nuevo León.

2019 Japan office

Commercial Office

In 2019 we opened our second office in Asia to boost our growth in the 5th largest olive oil consuming country in the world.