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Maeva Toro – EN

New experiences, to be

             This partnership allows Maeva to create and commercialise superior category Olive Oil under the licence of the Osborne Bull. Osborne considers its brand to be in the best hands for the development of this category, taking into account the experience and leadership of Maeva in the creation of Olive Oil of the highest quality

This business collaboration allows the commercialisation of products in which we are global leaders, under brands which have genuinely Spanish origins.

Creative PROCESS

The creation process for the image of the new Extra Virgin Olive Oil intends to please the most select public. This is why after hard work on design it was decided to allow the best to choose the final image of the product.

For this selection, the opinions of managers of both companies and everyone invited to the event were sought. The event was held to introduce the Maeva-Toro partnership, and among the attendees were important personalities within the world of gastronomy, such as chef Sergi Arola.


“Maeva Toro” Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded the 2nd Mario Solinas Award in 2015, organised by the International Olive Council (IOC) in the fruity category.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense olive green colour, fruity aromas with notes of tomato and fresh herbs. It is an explosion of green flavours in the mouth, with a bitter, spicy finish. It is notable for its full body and complexity.